Saturday, September 22, 2018

Incheon Walk 3: initial phase

Here's a shot from 6:37 a.m. I had to make a trip to the local convenience store to buy water; by the time I started walking in earnest, it was 6:25: a very late start. It had rained overnight; everything was still wet, but based on the weather forecast, I knew this would be the last of the rain for a while. We begin with a selfie:

And here's a shot of the Lotte World Tower that I don't think I've taken before:

The obligatory morning-shadow shot:

More than an hour along the way, I saw this utterly random (or was it?) biblical quote from Exodus just lying on the ground:

I started late, but I started strong. In fact, the whole first day went off better than I thought it would, but this doesn't mean there weren't hitches. I had some back pain after about the first hour; this is primarily due to the hip-belt assembly, which I hadn't cinched down tightly enough. I've had such pain before, though, and it's endurable. I stretch and allow myself to decompress during my rest periods, and I also use my trekking pole to raise my pack and relieve the pressure on my shoulders and spine. I'll write more about aches and pains in a subsequent post.

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