Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Incheon Walk 3, Day 4: moi en 3 images

One last selfie, now that I'm back in my apartment:

But I'm going to have to keep wearing my bandanna because look what happened:

I'm going to be the laughingstock of the office tomorrow, but in truth, I find it funny, too, to see how my face now looks as if it's wearing a mask, the same way my tanned and sunburned hands look as though they're wearing gloves.

And finally, a look at my aching right foot. I'd been blister-free for three days, but I knew my luck wouldn't hold. That bloody patch had been there since before the walk, and it's causing me no pain. On the other hand, look at the white patch at the bottom of the ball of my foot. That son of a bitch is hurting pretty badly whenever I put weight on it. Not a problem... I've dealt with this sort of thing before. I suppose I'm lucky not to have gotten anything worse, but then again, we'll see whether the blister—which looks to be in its incipient phase—swells up into something bigger and meaner over the next 24 hours. I hope not.

NB: if the white patch turns very white, then that's pus, and this isn't a blister: it's an infection that'll probably need to be lanced. It feels like a blister, for the moment, though, so I'm not too worried. I'll keep checking it throughout the day.

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