Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Uncle Hominid's psych evaluation

Click here to see the PDF of my "Big Five" psych evaluation. Take the 120-question survey here and feel free to share your results. I scored about how I thought I'd score.

The "Big Five" psychological traits are:

1. Extraversion* (I scored 25/100)
2. Agreeableness (I scored 99/100)
3. Conscientiousness (I scored 93/100)
4. Neuroticism (I scored 20/100)
5. Openness to Experience (I scored 73/100)

NB: my journey into my own head started off with this article, which talks about how people can be sorted into four major personality clusters.

*You are, of course, aware that the word can be spelled "extrAversion" or "extrOversion." I lean toward "extra-" myself because that's how it's spelled in French. (Same goes for ambience/ambiance, too, by the way: either spelling is OK in English.)


John Mac said...

Interesting. I'm more of a mess than I thought.

1. Extraversion –6/100
2. Agreeableness –75/100
3. Conscientiousness –18/100
4. Neuroticism –95/100
5. Openness to Experience 50/100


Kevin Kim said...

6 out of 100 for extraversion? You? You strike me as a very social and sociable creature.

John Mac said...

Maybe inside my small circle, but I'm lost in a group of strangers...

Kevin Kim said...

That high neuroticism score doesn't sound like you, either. However "relationship-challenged" you might be, you're generally positive and calm and together, and you don't seem prone to a lot of stressing out and general negativity.

Part of the problem, too, is that this is a self-assessment whose reliability depends upon a realistic view of oneself. If you take the survey while in a "down," self-critical mood, you might end up assessing yourself much more negatively than you would if you were in a buoyant mood.

John Mac said...

Yeah, I was thinking maybe I was too hard on myself...I don't feel that neurotic...most of the time anyway...