Monday, September 10, 2018

September: the month of birthdays

August was a triple-threat for birthdays at our office: mine, a Korean coworker's (same day as mine), and an American coworker's that was on the 26th. September, though, is traditionally the month I associate with lots of birthdays: the 10th (today) is my goddaughter's 21st birthday (she's legal!); the 12th is my friend Dr. Steve's birthday (he's turning 49); the 14th is my brother David's birthday (he's 42). I've sent my goddaughter a little Amazon gift card, as I'm wont to do. I won't be sending anything more than birthday wishes to Steve and David; David is adamant that I not send him anything (I gave him a gift card while I was in the States, and I cooked a meal for him), and Steve and I still need to sort some things out, I think.

If you're a September baby, try not to think too hard about how you were conceived in the dead of winter, when the cold drives people together for... comfort, among other things.

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