Sunday, September 16, 2018

today's practice walk

Today was a bit of a bruiser, but I had to know whether my new shoes would be up to the task of walking a full day:

Conclusion: if I can make 30,000 steps, I can make 45,000 steps this coming Saturday (i.e., Chuseok weekend). By the way, when you do the math, the above step rate comes out to 106.6 steps per minute. That's not bad for a slowpoke like me. Granted, my rate will be lower next weekend, when I've got a backpack strapped on to my big, bad self.

Oh, yeah—that's the other thing: I'll be taking my new Gregory backpack for a test run when I walk to Incheon. I won't be stuffing it with anything heavy, but I need to see how it rides, and I need to see whether the new jury-rigged hip-belt system (with what I hope is a much better belt—remember the equipment failure?) actually works.

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Nathan B. said...

I wish you well with the walking, Kevin. I took virtually the entire summer off my cycling due to the intense air pollution from forest fires, and I think I got quite depressed as a result. The air has cleared, now, and I'm very happy to resume riding again. I went over three very large large bridges in one day on Sunday. It was a new route, and I quite enjoyed it.