Saturday, September 15, 2018

sushi odyssey

Once I started watching the meticulous process involved in the preparation of sushi, I couldn't look away. This is a fascinating video for people who like to watch someone who is proficient at his art and articulate in explaining what he is doing:

By the way, that tuna flesh was gorgeous.

ADDENDUM: why am I putting up the type of "joyless" video I had just dissed a few posts ago? Good question. This video, too, features high production values and a narrator who, to be frank, isn't all that exciting to listen to. Yet I was hooked, mainly because he was so detailed in explaining both the medium he was working with (seafood of various types) and the deep thought process behind the preparation—something I don't get from either Byron Talbott or honeykki. So that's my rationale, take it or leave it. The guy doesn't sound all that passionate, but the quiet, almost monastic devotion to his craft comes through in every frame.

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