Saturday, September 22, 2018

Incheon Walk 3: in & out of Yeouido

One of the first things you see upon arriving at Yeouido is the Yuksam Building. "Yuk-sam" literally means "six-three," so a lot of expats call it the "Sixty-three Building."

I like how the following pic turned out. You can see the clouds reflected on the building's glassy surface:

As I approached the Han River Park, I saw the following shwim-teo (a very nice one, I must say) and couldn't help myself:

While passing under a bridge near the western end of Yeouido, I saw this utterly incongruous purple closet/armoire. I immediately thought: Narnia? The thing sure has the look of an interdimensional portal:

The final photo in this group shows the rear of the National Assembly Building, which houses and hosts the South Korean version of the US Congress or the British Parliament. The major difference is that the South Korean National Assembly is a unicameral body.

The National Assembly Building tells you you're leaving Yeouido if you're traveling westward. It takes roughly five hours to walk from my place to the east end of Yeouido, and close to an hour to cross the island.

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