Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Incheon Walk 3, Day 4: arriving

At this point, I'm walking along the Tan Cheon (the Tan Creek). Bikers are whizzing by. Most of them fail to greet me when I greet them with a nod. A few give a curt nod back. I'm near the end of my journey, so I'm not as exercised about whether people acknowledge my existence. Foremost on my mind are my feet, which desperately need to be propped up and kept away from the floor. They've spent all day laboring under my body weight, crunching along almost 45,000 times total: step, step, step, step, step.

This may be one of my least favorite sections of the walk. There's something dreary about this particular part, and it goes along for about a mile. I'm glad when it's over, whether I'm going toward the Han or away from it.

At this point along the path, I catch sight of my apartment building, which I'm pointing out for your benefit (you're welcome, by the way):

I have now passed the meeting-point of the Tan and Yangjae Creeks, and I'm on the final part of the Tan Creek path. By "final," I really mean the last part of the creekside path that I follow until I hit a ramp, go up, walk a few minutes, and eventually take a footbridge that leads to the road going straight over to my building.

And here's the ramp—the only challenging incline of the whole trip, and it's not challenging at all... for walkers, anyway: it's a pretty big challenge for most bikers, who tend to wimp out, dismount, and do the hill on foot. Mentally, I give a scornful Haw haw, but in truth, I don't think I could bike up that hill, either.

For the following shot, I'm standing at the southern end of the footbridge and looking WSW at my apartment building, which is just down the street. Journey's end.

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