Monday, September 24, 2018

one final gift

I'm not able to upload this directly onto my blog, so I have to provide you with a link to it. It's a short, 15-second video of a plane passing overhead: I was at the part of the Ara Canal that passes under the flight path of airplanes landing at Incheon International Airport. Planes would approach about every 90 seconds or so, which brought back memories of being a kid and standing under the path of landing planes at National Airport in Virginia. You've doubtless seen plenty of planes landing before, either in person, on TV, or in the movies, so this isn't anything special. But you might want to click just to indulge an old childhood fascination with gargantuan machinery on its way to a graceful touchdown. Enjoy!


daeguowl said...

Think you'll find that's the flight path to Gimpo. Flights to Incheon invariably land coming over Oido from the South or doing a clockwise loop over the Island if approaching from the North.

Kevin Kim said...

Damn. But that would explain why I never see jumbo jets.