Saturday, September 29, 2018

I do love me some one-hit knockouts

Long live the glass jaw!

For my money, the most beautiful knockout in this collection comes around 5:14: Uriah Hall vs. Adam Cella. It's a magnificently executed reverse turning kick that whips up to the guy's blind side and clocks him about as cleanly as it's possible to be clocked. Amazing.

The knockout right after that one is pretty damn good, too. Note, in both cases, that the kick comes in on the fighter's blind side: the fighter isn't even expecting it. The point that Jesse makes about "not telegraphing" is, despite the humorous nature of his videos, quite an important one. For something like a reverse turning kick, which actually takes some time to execute, the best way not to telegraph the kick is to use some subterfuge.

By the way, above-the-waist kicks really aren't recommended in an actual fight. If you're not an expert, and you don't know how good your opponent is, don't risk a kick above the waist. In fact, don't risk kicking at all unless you've beaten your opponent senseless. If he's on his knees and wavering drunkenly, too weak to put his arms up in a guard, then at that point, a kick to finish him is just fine.

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