Wednesday, September 05, 2018

separating the men from the boys

How do you think you'd fare on this glass bridge in China? Would you freak out?

It's either this bridge or another bridge, but somewhere out there is a glass bridge that's electronically rigged to appear to crack with every footfall. The glass beneath your feet doubles as a video screen on which realistic cracks appear, along with disconcerting cracking noises. I saw video of this elsewhere on YouTube (found one example here; a more extreme vid is here); it's not for the timid. Would you piss your pants? In one of these videos, a guy does just that. I also couldn't help noting that, if we take these videos together as a random sample, the men seem to freak out more readily than the women do: quite a few women are visible dragging or supporting their male partners in an attempt to get them across. Hilarious.

Me, I'd think I'd be a bit uncomfortable, but I'd make it across a glass bridge just fine, glass-cracking special effects or not. It's all in your mind, after all.

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John Mac said...

They have a glass overlook that extends out on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It was freaky enough walking on it without special effects. My Korean date was so terrified she was unable to stand and complete the loop around. What is bizarre is that she did a tandem skydive the day before, something I didn't have the balls to do.