Saturday, September 22, 2018

Incheon Walk 3: approaching Yeouido

The path's character changes as you walk along it. One of my least favorite sections is sandy and gritty; I don't like getting tiny pebbles in my shoes. Luckily, that didn't happen this time, and I took a moment to photograph some flowers:

Just a wide shot of the path as we approach Yeouido:

Behold, a lone tent. I guess there are people who feel free to camp on these grounds. There were plenty of tents out today, as there have been on my previous walks.

I had to use my digital zoom to get a closeup pic of this fellow:

My trekking pole slipped and slid for much of the walk. Irritated, I had a thought and looked at the pole's rubber foot, which normally has a tread. As I suspected:

That's what comes of walking close to a thousand miles with that pole over the course of a year. I'll need to find a store that sells feet for trekking poles.

Below, I make another discovery: Korea also has orb-weaver spiders that are recognizable to Americans. I "pulled a Brian Dean" and held my hand behind this little lady to allow my camera to focus. Taking the shot one-handed was no mean feat:

And in case you couldn't see the web, I tried to get a wider shot. Not sure I was successful:

That shot was taken while I was walking under the long bridge that approaches the river island of Yeouido. The next batch of pics will take us into and out of that island.

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