Sunday, September 30, 2018

2 from Styx on Kavanaugh

Styx makes a point that I arrived at on my own: Democrats are howling that Republicans are somehow "ignoring the victim," but the Dems are assuming there actually is a victim. According to the rules of evidence, there—is—no—victim. No concrete evidence has been provided. Nothing. All the histrionics in the world wouldn't move me the way Jeff Flake was apparently moved when some women accosted him in an elevator, yelling, "You're telling women they don't matter!" What utter shit.

Rules of evidence, people. Show me the evidence, and I'm nothing but compassionate. Show me nothing, and I have nothing to go on. I might be convinced that you believe something bad happened to you, but that's as far as my compassion can go. This makes your claim no better than the claim of a UFO abductee.

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King Baeksu said...

If you're a straight white conservative male, you're guilty until proven innocent.

If you're a person of color or non-conservative white, you're innocent until proven guilty.

Hope this clarifies things.