Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Oy gevalt.

This makes me wonder what self-contradictions a dedicated anti-BigHo asshole might find after a nice, long dig through my archives. I know I've shifted positions, evolved in my thinking, and even flipped to the opposite perspective on occasion. One has to be discerning when crying "hypocrisy," though; sometimes, a person has a legitimate change of heart about certain matters, and it's hard to know that person's—to borrow the French term—interiority, i.e., subjective state of mind.

I can see someone making a lawyerly case on behalf of poor Adam Schiff. There's enough of a nuanced difference between the two tweets for a partisan to claim that Schiff isn't contradicting himself. The problem, though, is Schiff's unfortunately cavalier wording in the first tweet: "...must declassify as much as possible." That's a blanket fiat that implies Schiff wants the maximum amount of declassification. We have no way of knowing whether Donald Trump's recent move to declassify certain documents meets the "as much as possible" standard (people like Styx think Trump should declassify everything), but it seems to be a good start, so you'd think Schiff would be happy: "as much as possible," to me at least, implies "the more, the better—don't stop now!" Why the long face, Adam?

There's also the smug "Rest assured, Trump won't" claim, which now turns out to be factually incorrect. Trump has, at the very least, begun a massive campaign of declassification of the FISA documents. Hopefully soon, all will be revealed—by which I really mean, nothing of substance will be revealed because there's nothing to reveal. That CNN rep, Van Johnson, is on record saying Trump-Russia is a "nothingburger." Bob Woodward, who just came out with a largely anti-Trump book, says he searched for two years and found nothing to substantiate Trump-Russia. I think Donald Trump is laughing his ass off at the massive distraction and wasteful expenditure of energy that all this has caused: that means less energy to focus on the things Trump is doing as opposed to the things Trump is saying.

Meantime, expect more people to flip-flop as they either lose or regain their sanity.

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John Mac said...

Yes, position can and do change and evolve over time. But if your viewpoints are predicated on who's sitting in the oval office, it is safe to say you are a hypocrite...