Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy Barfday, Little Bro

My brother David, the bicentennial baby, turns 42 today:

That's David at Chima, a local high-end Brazilian restaurant, on the day he treated me to a wonderful birthday meal of Brazilian rodizio. David's got way more gray hair than I do (same with Sean, my other brother, who's ten years younger), but maybe there's a reason for it: he lives alone, except for a dog, in a large, expensive, suburban house, and he's divorced. David's been through a lot, including the loss of our mother. But at the same time, he's a manager in the creative department of a DC-based PR firm where he's been working for nineteen years (according to a notification I received via LinkedIn); he's raking in the bucks, and he's loved and respected by his coworkers. Maybe one day, I can persuade him to come visit me here in Korea. If he ever gets a vacation. We'll see.

Happy Birthday, David!

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