Thursday, September 06, 2018

guess I'll have to go see "Edie"

Mountains, and our journeys up them, make for powerful metaphors. I just watched a preview trailer for a movie that is crassly and cynically manipulative, from the sappy dialogue to the gauzy cinematography to the godawful treacly soundtrack... but I'm going to have to see it, anyway. It's called "Edie," and it appears to be about an old woman and a young man who resolve to climb a mountain. Here's the trailer:

You know... the more I think about it, the more I think I'm less a fan of road movies and more a fan of trail movies. Which reminds me: I don't think I ever reviewed "The Way," a sentimental favorite of mine starring Martin Sheen as a father who walks the Camino de Santiago in place of his recently deceased son.

UPDATE: and here's a trailer for a movie that purports to explain, or at least explore, that desire we have to reach the summit. Its title is simply "Mountain."

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John from Daejeon said...

Here's a youtube video about a young German couple speaking impeccable American English (even using miles for distance) buying a school bus in Alaska, repurposing it as a house on wheels, and driving down to Argentina. And this is the trailer for their documentary, "Expedition Happiness." Mogli even sang and wrote several of the film's songs in English. All I can say is Felix is one lucky man.

And I know how you like "shitty" humor, so here's a real-life film from a Tim Hortons in Canada where one Canadian shared her shit with an employee in front of some front-row sitting customers who were rather startled by this woman's performance art of public defication.