Monday, September 02, 2019

Tim Pool on Dave Chappelle, offensiveness, and free speech

Thanks to Dave Chappelle's Netflix comedy special, "Sticks and Stones," plenty of leftie knickers are in a twist because the left has forgotten that most humor occurs at the expense of others. As long as the left advocates a pull-all-punches, Sesame Street style of humor, in which no one is ever offended or hurt by anything, they will remain emotionally retarded and thus trapped in a cycle of pettiness, vindictiveness, and witch-hunt humorlessness. Pool gives particular praise to George Carlin, whose views on most matters were unabashedly liberal, but liberal in the old sense, not the current, moral-panic sense of "funny and/or transgressive = dangerous." Carlin had little patience for politically correct twats and dimwits; it's going to be a struggle to keep his pro-free-speech, tell-it-like-it-is values alive in the current suffocating climate. Tim Pool himself may not be on the conservative side about certain matters, but he and the current conservatives do agree that free speech comes down to the ability to offend, loudly and openly. People with delicate, Dr. Seuss-ish sensibilities can fuck off.

My impression is that Chappelle's routine, bits of which have already made it onto YouTube, is a throwback to the 1980s era of humor, when trashing races, sexual preferences, and cherished causes was merely a part of the cultural landscape, a way of poking in the eye all those idiots who took themselves too seriously and needed some deflating. In today's world, old-school leftie comedians like Lenny Bruce would probably be deplatformed, banned, run out of town, and/or arrested for their humor. When Robin Williams died, and Billy Crystal played a tribute to Williams in which Williams is seen doing an impression of an Iranian woman terrified of her own country's oppression, lefties on Twitter insulted Williams with snide comments like "Racist much?" There's no better descriptor for such people than cunts.

At some point, assuming Chappelle's routine eventually becomes available via iTunes or Amazon Prime Video, I plan to watch the whole thing. In the meantime, Jeremy Jahns (whom I like, and who leans moderately left) has his own review of Chappelle's performance here:

Jahns: "If you require a safe space, then this comedy special is not for you." Jahns gets it. He and other lefties like him are not the cunts I'm referring to.

ADDENDUM: a great example of PC campus humorlessness here.

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John Mac said...

The scary thing is that these fascist reactions are not being imposed by some repressive government, these people are choosing to become mindless drones. Worse,they want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. The violent thugs who claim to be anti-fascists are the enforcers. "Live free or die" has never been more apt, and it is good to know that there are people on the left who recognize that everyone's freedom is at stake.