Tuesday, July 22, 2003

AHA-- liberal blogs!

It's said the blogosphere skews libertarian. I really can't say I've come across a truly libertarian blog in my own travels. Conservative blogs, especially when it comes to politics, seem to dominate, and strike me as well-connected with each other. A blog bloc, if you will. And these people all seem to know each other. There's something a bit creepy and inbred about that, but there's no denying that there's a great deal of cyber-solidarity among conservative bloggers, who regularly praise and support each other.

Out of sheer exasperation, I typed "liberal blogs" into Google to see what might be out there. Well... the good news is: such blogs do exist. Good news if you're liberal, that is. The bad news is: based on an unscientific search, they appear to be 90% crap, devoted mainly to raving ad hominems. Here is a mildly interesting one. Not much substance, but recognizably bloglike in form and content.

I'll search around a bit more tomorrow, to see what I can uncover, but my first impression (based, admittedly, on a 25-minute surf) isn't all that positive. Maybe it's because there are so many damn LAWYERS and actual JOURNALISTS who're blogging on the conservative side. The libs seem a bit more ragtag, to me, and some of their blogs actually cite this as a problem. The question of lefty solidarity is becoming important as election time approaches. One lefty site had a chuckle at Bush's diminishing approval ratings; I have a feeling the Republicans'll get the last laugh, though, if the Dems can't hammer out a coherent campaign platform.

Casual prediction: Bush by a landslide. Hell, Ed Koch may be voting for him (cf. below).

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