Sunday, July 20, 2003

here, kittee-kittee

I don't know why I haven't linked you to this yet. I remember laughing like a madman when I first found out about Bonsai Kitten.

Our family's cat, Mozart, recently went to the vet for the first time in years. Turns out he's pretty healthy for a 13-year-old, despite having only one fang, one eye, an incipient cataract, and a lot of fleas. Mozart started life as an arrogant pretty-boy, but once the neighborhood cats began kicking his ass, he soon learned he'd have to earn his right to strut. Now he's an old hand, and ever since we cut his wee little kitty-balls off, years and years ago, he hasn't come home wounded quite so often.

Before Mozart flounced into our lives like a feline Liberace, I was an avid cat-hater. Mozart changed that: I now like only Mozart, and hate almost all other cats (exception: one of my best friends has two cats I really enjoy). Mozart's an amazing killer of local rabbits. I recall one time when I opened the sliding glass door that leads from our dining room to the backyard porch, and there, lying on the porch, was a rabbit carcass. The entire crotch had been eaten out of the rabbit, which was otherwise whole. How can you not like a cat who treats rabbits like William Wallace?

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