Monday, July 28, 2003

le survol

Accessorize your epistemology. (with thanks to Instapundit for the link)

Stephen den Beste offers "to provide a high level strategic view of the cause of the war, the reason that the United States became involved in it, the fundamental goals the US has to achieve to win it, and the strategies the US is following, as well as an evaluation of the situation as of July, 2003." I think I linked to this before, but he's polished the document and put it in outline form.

TIME asks Ted Kennedy: Have you seen the summer movie starring another Kennedy family member: Terminator 3?
Kennedy answers: I haven't seen Arnold's latest. He's a brilliant actor, but what makes Republicans think he could do well in politics? Of course, it's hard to argue with Arnold when you're hanging upside down by the ankles.

[NB: Actually, this quote's been around. I think Kennedy's recycling it, or Drudge is a bit slow to have picked this up so late. I got the link from Drudge's site, you see.]

TIME also notes that there's a low priority on finding the female relatives of Saddam. Hmmm. The hand that rocks the cradle... (also via Drudge)

AP via Salon: Armstrong WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, man. Expect more French grumbling about Lance being pumped full of performance enhancers.

In the Washington Post: trouble for Condi Rice. BTW, "Iraq Flap" sounds like a new French dance.

Korea Herald: Another Clintonian move by Noh Mu Hyon. Remember Clinton's staff reshuffling during his first year in office? He eventually realized his mistake. Will Noh do likewise?

From CNN: Coup attempt in the Philippines!

I'm sure you've been wondering intensely about drunk driving "black spots" in Scotland.

Chosun Ilbo: Noh asks, "Why can't we all just get along?"

Korean students got onto an American military base and set fire to an American flag. Expect slow investigation from Korean police.

In an obvious effort to compete with North Korea, the South Korean government will create its own govt-sponsored website! Omninous line in the article: "The 'newspaper' will carry government agencies' policy statements and news written in traditional journalistic style." (JoongAng Ilbo)

Dong-A Ilbo headline: "Any Necessary Aid To Be Given To N.K. If It Abandons Its Nuclear Ambition." Question: when someone says, "OK, I've abandoned my efforts at X," how can you know that's true if no time has passed? Sigh.

Dong-A also talks about the Philippine coup attempt.

One of my professors at Catholic University, Dr. Charles B. Jones, has a paper in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics on issues in Chinese Pure Land Buddhism.

On the PCUSA site: Oh, how divisive gayosity is!

One rumor going around Catholic U. when I was a grad student there: the Holy Father is lucid only three hours out of the day. This puts him on a par with luminaries like Keith Richards and maybe Willie Nelson. From the Vatican website: a humble document titled "POST-SYNODAL APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION ECCLESIA IN EUROPA OF HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN PAUL II TO THE BISHOPS MEN AND WOMEN IN THE CONSECRATED LIFE AND ALL THE LAY FAITHFUL ON JESUS CHRIST ALIVE IN HIS CHURCH THE SOURCE OF HOPE FOR EUROPE."


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