Sunday, July 27, 2003

with thanks to Seth

A good friend of mine, Seth Nazzaro, has made some terrific cosmetic changes to this blog, which started off as a simple Blogger template. You'll have noticed that he's added a blogroll, which includes subject headings. Many thanks are in order to Seth. I asked him to preserve the "aesthetic minimalism" of the site, which is why it's still B&W and not something flashier.

If you go over to the Naked Villainy site, you'll see it's improved as well-- but since Mike actually knows how to code in HTML, he didn't need to outsource. Grrrrr. Mike's got a Mrs. Villain and two squirming little Villainesses, so I don't know where he finds the time to learn this stuff.

I'm currently in the PC-bahng, listening to a two-CD collection called "gregorian chillout" [sic]. Very calming. Almost helps me ignore the mosquitoes hanging off my calves, their abdomens swelling to golfball size as they suck me dry.

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