Thursday, July 31, 2003

le parcours


1. Bush takes responsibility.

2. James Woods interview (no link; Salon makes you pay for this crap).

3. Salon is now hiring. They need a political reporter. You wanna try out? What, no free spots at the BBC?

Washington Post:

1. Continued denials from Iraqi scientists about weapons programs. Hmmmm.

2. An item that, were it not on the front page, would barely impinge on American consciousness.

3. Kerry and Dean finally declare they are gay lovers. Yes, you read it here first. "It's the way he grabs my hair when we make love," says a blushing Dean, squeezing Kerry's hand. "That tax debate was just a spat, nothing major," nodded Kerry, who then tugged Dean away from the microphones and appeared to be whispering angrily at him as they walked away.

Korea Herald:

1. Bribery? In Korea? The hell you say!

2. China: "Despite the fact that we think Bolton is being an insufferable asshole for violating Confucian-derived codes of politeness through overly direct speech, we are cautiously optimistic about nuke talks."

The Scotsman:

British Superbike champion not killed by Superbike!


In fine anti-American form in this issue, L'Express headlines with "Mensonges, manipulations, erreurs..." (Lies, Manipulation/Chicanery, Mistakes) two lead articles re: failures in American intelligence and whether Iraq actually possesses WMDs. My opinion: yes, it does. Finding them is an urgent matter, but also a matter of time.


A missionary's letter from Palestine.

I'm disappointed: I thought Merde in France would be all over L'Express... but maybe there's just too much vitriol in the French press for one lone American to address, hein?

Via Aaron Krowne's blog: a bit of old news, but worth thinking about as we mull over China: the space race. BTW, Aaron's blog is the first blog I ever saw. He's a friend of my younger brother, Sean.

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