Thursday, July 17, 2003

Ed Koch (D) Will Vote for Bush for Reelection

You think I'm kidding, don't you. Too much burned bulgogi crowding my colon, disrupting the flow of my ki, right? That's what you think, yes? I've breathed the gas of one too many kimchi farts?


I poop on all of you.

Actually, before I bury you under a steaming pile of my danmuji-flecked excrement, I should point out that Koch is being a bit weasely here. He says, " is my current intention to vote for George W. Bush for re-election." The word "current" is Koch's out-clause, a verbal duodenum. Bush's continued aversion to fiscal probity may very well push Koch back into the Dem camp. Personally, I think Bush could stand to focus a bit more on domestic issues. This is going to hurt the GOP after Bush's second term is up.

So maybe I won't fling my dung at you quite yet. We'll see. I'm keeping my anus trained on you, in case you try to make a break for it.

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