Wednesday, July 16, 2003

L'anti-semitisme en France

Et oui, l'anti-semitisme continue...

Read this Post article and be annoyed. Muslim minorities in France are burgeoning much faster than they're being assimilated, and a lot of these folks don't like Jews. L'individualisme is a cherished French value-- everybody does things their own way-- but it may be the unwitting key to erasing any sense of Frenchness (I have friends who'd argue that's a good thing). By no means am I in favor of a France that swings Le Pen-ward, but come on, guys. You can't let Paris become a little island surrounded by angry, unassimilated Muslims.

Did you know France's population is fully 10% Muslim? Mind-boggling statistic.

Apropos of nothing: I recently read an interesting conservative response to a condescending European comment. The comment, which arose post-9/11, was: "We've been dealing with terrorism inside our borders much longer than you have, America." The conservative reply: "Oh, and that's something to be proud of?"


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