Friday, July 25, 2003

There are Treasures Stored Up for You in Heaven...

And you wonder why I find Zen Buddhism appealing?

1. Landover Baptist

2. Landover Baptist Shutdown

Landover Baptist is pretty damn funny. Both links come courtesy of Julie the ImpQueen.

The second link didn't work on my computer. I suspect a conspiracy by the Landover Baptists: the second site is probably a bunch of pissed-off fundies upset at how accurately they're being mocked. Maybe "Shutdown" got shut down for sheer theological lameness.

Many thanks to Mike W, the Naked Villain, who graciously appointed me to be his Poet Laureate. I'm surprised he hasn't had me dragged out and shot yet, given that I've produced exactly ONE poem since taking office: a measly haiku to celebrate the Hussein Boyz' demise.

So I live to write another day.

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