Sunday, July 20, 2003

Neutering People!

I find this idea strangely compelling. A friend of mine, "Edwin Thomas," sent me an email that, among other things, presented the following idea. I want to see legislation. Failing that, I want someone on the order of Bill Gates to fund this, no questions asked.

[excerpt follows]

My mother is a very compassionate person. She has been involved with animal
rescue for years. She has taken in young human strays at times, as well as
animals. She will act to protect a child or an innocent even at great risk or
financial cost to herself. I have heard her speak ill of others only a few
times in my life. It surprised me one day when she made an observation about
the many people in society that should be kept from reproducing. Her list
differs from mine, but it has some common elements such as drug addicts,
pushers, child molesters, and some others who are .. parasites. Her solution was
a fleet of white utility vans that roamed the country. When they found a valid
target, they'd nab him or her, sedate, neuter, and release. It is similar to
the practice of reducing feral cat populations. She went on to add that the
people who ran the vans would have to be privately run, in order to prevent
misuse by our government. It should be run strictly upon apolitical criteria.

[end excerpt]

I guess my only question would be how this gets coordinated with police, etc., but hell-- why bother telling the police at all?

No one needs to know.

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