Monday, July 21, 2003

Little Trouble for Big China? GOOD!!

According to a recent Post article, we're considering admitting a slew-- as in thousands-- of North Korean refugees into the US.

Heh heh.

"We've processed 8,000 rods, capitalist pigs!"

"Oh, yeah? We've taken 8,000 of your people!"

I love it. That should be made into foreign policy.

But as the Croc Hunter knows, danger looms! To wit:

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo this week completed a four-day trip to Pyongyang during which he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and presented a letter from Chinese President Hu Jintao, presumably about the proposal. Administration officials, however, greeted the idea coolly, saying they were interested only in multilateral talks.

China, which participated in the only talks between North Korea and the United States since the crisis erupted last October, has emerged as an important player in trying to resolve the standoff. Some officials are concerned that the plan to accept North Korean refugees would undercut efforts to bind China more closely to the U.S. position.

North Korean refugees generally flee into China, which often sends them back, and any move by the United States to open up immigration would likely increase the number of refugees. "The Chinese will be enraged by this," one official said.

Let 'em have their tantrums, fling potstickers, eat a few extra cats in anger, whatever. If they think Asian politeness is the answer here, they're mistaken. Some problems need to be dealt with openly and frankly. Sorry, but them's the breaks. North Korea is forcing this issue, not the US.

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