Thursday, July 17, 2003

la question qui nous empeche de dormir...

I'd like to find out what the recipe is for this and try it out. Unfortunately, being single and poor in Korea, I don't have an oven. Merde de putain de chie de bordel...

Meanwhile, enjoy. The Italians must be incensed.

UPDATE: Whoops. The recipe's in the article. Here it is:

Take good broth and do in an erthen pot. Take flour of paynedemayn and make erof past with water and make erof thynne foyles as paper with a roller; drye it harde and see it in broth.

Next, "take chese ruayn grated and lay it in dishes with powder douce and lay eron loseyns isode as hoole as you myght and above powdour and chese; and so twyse or thryse & serue it forth.''

The article says that the substance "paynedemayn" hasn't been identified yet. My guess, from French: "pain de main," or handmade pasta (in French, le pain = bread).

One loseyn to rule them all...

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