Saturday, July 26, 2003

un bref survol...

On my buddy Mike's blog, he asks the question: "Would the world be a safer place had the 9/11 attacks not happened?" I think it's an open question. The "do you feel safer since we began our campaign in Iraq?" polls have been skewing mostly negative, so the perception, at least, seems to be that the world isn't all that safer. I don't know. Depends on whom you're talking with.

Check out Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.

Andrew Sullivan continues his assault on the BBC. And people are listening, I think. Sullivan has been pretty good at predicting things, and I agree the BBC looks ready to either fall or undergo some major revamping.

Salon goes after the Mormons. I think I might agree with Salon in this case.

Also found on Salon: short kids have hope to grow a bit taller through the magic of hormone shots.

In the Post: Bush sends troops to Liberia.

In other news, North Korea makes an earth-shattering declaration.

Stephen den Beste talks about why the current situation in Iraq (etc.) is more analogous to the Cold War than to World War II.

Herr den Beste also addresses an issue I'm sympathetic to: moving the US away from its shameful dependence on foreign oil. Steve disagrees with my school of thought. Check it out.

Merde in France continues to pick apart the anti-American political cartoons appearing daily in French publications.

As of THIS MOMENT (10PM, Seoul time), the Drudge Report is featuring pictures of Gray Davis. Every time I see this guy, I keep wishing Phil Hartman were still alive. This would be such rich fodder for Hartman's vast talents and sometimes-cruel wit.

The Washington Post by way of Drudge: Japan quake. Me, I didn't even feel it. I blame my large ass for absorbing the shock, though.

NYT: Gee, ya think? (Drudge)

Arabs aren't happy that the Hussein Boyz were put on display. They call it barbaric. Uncivilized. Cruel. Shocking. Sort of like the adjectives applied to 9/11. (Drudge)

By the way, I think many Arab countries need gun control laws like we've got here in Korea. You don't see thousands of Koreans firing into the air in celebration when things go their way. That, to me, is a mark of civilization. (Drudge)

I reported to you, a while back, that Clint Eastwood went on a rampage and killed several people with his car. Well, it looks like he's at it again. (Drudge)

I'm not sure I dig the Amritas blog's obsession with comics and anime. I'm much more into the linguistics. But if you're into comics and such, check the blog out.

Meanwhile, at the Onion: a nasty discovery.

Hit AtomFilms and watch the Little Ninja Series, or the winners of Star Wars fan films... or whatever suits your fancy.

In the Scotsman: "Now There's an Unusual Habit for an Abbot."

Noh Mu Hyon and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark have a pleasant chit-chat. (Chosun Ilbo)

The controversy of US troop redeployment on the peninsula: JoongAng Daily's perspective.

An amusing essay by a Korean re: sexism in language. (Dong-A Ilbo)

[NB: Korean newspaper links expire quickly.]

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