Monday, July 21, 2003

the Big Hominid gets 25 out of 30

Some of us are test-obsessed. Take yours truly, for example. I just got a 25 out of 30 on the Mensa Workout, and a cyber-congratulations that said I might have a good chance of passing the actual Mensa test and entering Mensa.


I've taken other IQ tests, and rated anywhere from 123 to 160. The tests are fluff. I take them anyway, and experience mild validation when I score well, only because I'm a compulsive test-taker. In the real world, the scores mean nothing. In the world of my mind, however...

If you must know, I got questions 2, 6, 7, 15, and 19 wrong.

I think I also went a couple minutes overtime. No, don't judge by the previous post. I didn't start immediately after that one.

Oh, yeah-- I used scratch paper. Can't recall whether the instructions said not to. They did mention that going overtime doesn't affect score, due to differences in online connection speeds. Which makes you wonder why they bother timing the damn thing.

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