Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11: my Thanksgiving and yours

Many folks have, openly or implicitly, come to view 9/11 as a day of somberness and remembrance. I think that's appropriate.


Here in Korea, at 11AM on a Sunday, September 11 morning, I see it's bright and beautiful outside, and something inside me thinks it's a bad day to be somber. So for me, today's going to be a day of thanksgiving and celebration. "Let the dead bury their dead," as a notorious public personality once said (you know who).

I finished my huge pile of laundry yesterday. Washed, folded, ironed. Finished my lesson plans (for Monday, anyway). Got started on my food prep. Sent out the proper emails and Amazon'ed a couple folks. Today, I'm doing a bit more shopping, then prepping for the 6PM arrival of two of my best friends, who'll be stuffing themselves with fusion pitas, shrimp fettucine, Mediterranean salad, banana splits, and seasonal fruit.

Yes, it's a day to be thankful.

Yesterday, September 10, was my beautiful goddaughter's birthday. Tomorrow, September 12, is my buddy Dr. Steve's birthday. Wednesday, September 14 (and exactly two weeks after my own), is my brother David's birthday.

See why I can't be too mopey?

I'll be back on much later today with photos from what I hope will be a decent (or at least good-looking) meal.

May September 11 find you also raging, raging against the dying of the light!


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