Thursday, September 01, 2005

ha ha! here they is!

Sidebar images for the newest inductees!

For San Ch'on Hunjang (Mountain Village Teacher/Schoolmaster):

Trivia: the above Hunjang image was shamelessly stolen from Antti's fine blog's archives, but it appears the image is originally from OhMyNews.

Next up: Charles's blog, Liminality, gets the following sidebar image:

The above image was stolen straight from Charles's photo archives: it's a shot of Jeonju-style bibimbap, with the raw egg sitting atop raw beef and surrounded by fresh vegetables.

Finally, my Kiwi pal John, Russell Crowe's drinking buddy, gets the following image for Just Another Human:

I so badly wanted to incorporate Gollum into this image, but I couldn't figure out how. I thought about opening Gollum's cranium and having a Kiwi fruit peek out of it, but then it would have made little sense to include John's mug. So I decided to drop Gollum's face in favor of a John-only layout.

The Kiwi-brains idea, as it turns out, has been done to death. Type "kiwi" into Google, and you get all sorts of hilariously Photoshopped Kiwi fruit designs. One of my favorites shows a sliced-up Kiwi bird whose innards look like John's brain, above.

That romp through Google was educational, though: I had no idea the Kiwi bird was so damn big. An adult bird sits heavily in the crook of your arm and seems to have about the same size and heft as a fat housecat or a largish baby. Are they good to eat? (Kiwi birds, I mean; not babies or housecats.)

Welcome to the blogroll, gentlemen!



Anonymous said...

Excellent! I was wondering what graphic you were going to whip up. Not only did you choose a nice, colorful photo, but you even included the Chinese characters for limen! I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Weird, though. I've never seen any kind of raw meat on Jeonju bebimbap here in Jeonju. Of course, I've never been to THE Jeonju bebimbap place, but everyone claims theirs is authentic. Am I being ripped off? Should I demand yukhwae on my Jeonju Bebimbap?

Anonymous said...

Gord: from what I've heard, the "original" Jeonju bibimbap should have yukhoe in it, and it should also be served in a brass bowl (rather than a hot stone bowl). Like you said, though, pretty much everyone is going to claim that there's is original, and after a while it becomes impossible to separate truth from hype. But as long as it tastes good, who cares?

As long as you enjoy your bibimbap, I wouldn't say you are being ripped off. But I would recommend you try the "original" bibimbap sometime. It's quite tasty.