Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ave, Jelly!

Jelly turns 14 today! Woo-hoo! In Canada, that means you can drink, drive, and have sex-- all at the same damn time!

Go visit Jelly's hilarious blog and learn about

1. teachers who fart in class
2. bad manners
3. foodblogging gone wrong
4. balloon art
5. school drudgery

And now, it's time to cut the cake!

The cake, you idiot, the CAKE!


1 comment:

Jelly said...

Sheeeeit, you make me laugh. I love you again. Oh, wait, except you keep splitting my big black pussy in half. I don't love you anymore.

Who's kidding who? I still do.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the revealing of my true age. Don't be sick, feel better soon!