Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This actually happened a few weeks ago, but since today is my brother David's birthday I thought I'd blog about a nasty shit I took a few weeks ago.

It's a rare but exhilarating thing when you're pushing out a log and it suddenly leaps out of your ass, powered by a combination of anal contractions and high-pressure fart gas. If the gods are on your side, and assuming the fecal missile is of sufficient hardness, you will experience the nasty pleasure of being tagged.

Being tagged involves firing your shit into the toilet water so hard that the water splashes high enough to tag your asshole. It's startling, a bit like seeing a skinny chick with enormous tits and a tiny head. I like to imagine, during those tagged moments, that I'm receiving a rimjob from Mother Nature, the ultimate MILF.

Not sure exactly what that has to do with my brother David, but he's been known to fart in my face to wake me up, so maybe there's a tenuous connection.

Happy 29th, Butt Boy.



Anonymous said...

Taggie baggie swaggie

Birthdayz haze showz wayz tew blaze hayz at Kayz.

Maven said...

Ahh, the "IBE" [inadvertent bidet effect]!!!