Saturday, September 10, 2005

this weekend's agenda

"Busy as fuck," as Rory might say.

I've got to:

1. do massive amounts of laundry. Damn this sweaty body of mine.

2. clean my place. This essentially involves sweeping up all the fallen leg, armpit, and pubic hairs currently having an orgy on my floor. (You people with carpets wouldn't understand. Carpets hide everything.)

3. shop for food and other stuff. I promised my buddy Jang Woong and his wife Bo Hyun that I'd be making that big dinner for them; they're coming over tomorrow evening.

4. do my lesson plans for next week. Will probably do those tonight and leave cooking for tomorrow morning and afternoon.

Yikes. But take heart: the result of all this effort will likely be a photoblog of the meal (see here for tomorrow's menu).


1 comment:

Maven said...

Swiffers are great for getting up pubes off a hard floored surface. Do you have those in Korea?

PS: For your garlic bread... do you make the butter as a compound butter first, or do you layer everything on top of the bread?