Friday, September 30, 2005

le parcours des blogueurs

My buddy's wife laments the fact that she has porn star tits.

Wooj posts on what should be done in Iraq.

Brian rants on the whole "it's because we're Korean and use chopsticks" meme. I heartily agree.

Joel links to footage of a cage fight between a bear and a lion. Yours truly stares, fascinated-- then disappointed that the match didn't end in a death. Yes, I'm sick. Sorry, Joel.

Captain Kirk surveys the tall tales that have sprung up in Katrina's wake.

Oranckay examines a Hankyoreh piece about NK's bizarre refusal to accept international food aid.

I'm a bit slow on the draw, but Peter's site also talks about the recent video footage of the North Korean woman being beaten by NK soldiers after she'd returned to NK.

The Nomad posts on the Great Kimchi Scare of 2005. Be a good patriot and Just Say No to Chinese kimchi!

The most scholarly discourse on vomit I've yet seen. For those who can't read the Chinese: the character for vomit is pronounced t'o in Korean, and consists of the character for "mouth" plus the character for "earth." As the blogger says, the concept is one of "dirt coming out of the mouth."

Posting while dead?

Jelly offers a different sort of foodblogging: what to do when your stove is on the fritz.

This guy deserves way more hits than he's getting. Read:

You must forgive me. I often grow forgetful about what I post here. This is because I view this blog like a rape. I just want to finish a post [quickly], take a shower and forget it ever happened. Oh, and I feel empty afterwards, knowing that no one will ever love me.

If you're gonna question the morality of our troops' conduct, you'd better be funny about it. Way-lefty Fafblog yet again fits the bill. And the current Picture of the Week had me busting a gut.

Lorianne offers us a picture of a satanic ritual in full swing and tells us a bit about her dog's substance abuse problem.

Over at Maverick Philosopher, they're now questioning the evolutionary value of consciousness. Egads.

Bill once again offers an excellent post on Intelligent Design. The post segues smoothly into a short discourse on religion. Well worth your time. Give it a read.


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You're a god man Kevin. Are you all excited about the family visit? I would be! Where are they staying?