Monday, September 19, 2005

coming soon?

I've been cobbling this book's manuscript together for a while, and we're approaching a critical phase. Here's a possible cover design for the book I promised my mother-- my mea culpa after churning out the filthy Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms. I decided to go for the serious look (many of the religion-related books on my shelves have navy blue covers or something close):

(Students of Korean Buddhism will doubtless recognize the "water from a skull" image.)

Note, too, that this isn't a big design departure from the cover I did for Scary Spasms. Simple title... big, ugly face on the cover... long-ass subtitle. Would you buy a book that looked this grim? Of course you would!

Here-- compare covers:

The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity
(my copy of the book has a much darker cover than this, but in the same style)

Salvations: Truth and Difference in Religion
(yeah, yeah; so it's not navy)

The Introduction of Buddhism to Korea
(my cover seems like a ripoff of this one)

The Blue Cliff Record
(aha! what I'm talkin' about, baby!)


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Kevin Kim said...

I'm waiting for my first "hydrocephalic" joke.