Monday, September 05, 2005


Looks like they're moving my ass upstairs. I've enjoyed my time on the second floor, but we've hired a couple new Korean teachers, and those teachers have expressed a preference to stay with the current Korean teachers "in order to share ideas" with them. This means that my anglophone colleague and I are to be bumped upstairs to the third-floor office. Despite the open windows and squadrons of mosquitoes, I'll miss my second-floor colleagues.

And aother reason to mourn: it's gonna be harder to blog from upstairs. Everyone in Room 302 is a fluent English speaker and fully English-literate.


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Kevin Kim said...

The ladies of Room 202 are sad to see me go, which shows they have poor taste in men, but I appreciate the sentiment. They don't really want to have the new Korean teachers in their midst. This move is being done purely because the new teachers wanted it. I'm surprised none of us "veterans" got consulted first.