Thursday, September 15, 2005

warning to the ladies of Smoo

I just got word from my dad that my brother David (he of the recent birthday) might be heading over to Korea in October as well. The last time David came here, in 1995, he turned all the female heads because he is, after all, the Best-looking Brother among the three Kim boys. Slim, large-eyed, and charming, David's got what the women want. In '95, when he sat in on one of my hagwon classes, all the women ceased to pay attention to me and focused laserlike on David. I'm imagining a whole division of soaked panties this time around. David's the half-Korean Viggo Mortensen.




Anonymous said...

Preppin tew korea hatte.

Yew cahn't sthoppe the dancin'.

Yew cahn't sthoppe the prancin'.

Yew cahn't sthoppe the lancin'.

But there ain't go'n be no romancin'.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the only soaked thing will be my shirt - a result of all of the snot that'll be pouring forth from my flared, flaming, hairy nostrils.