Wednesday, September 21, 2005

popular template!?

A particular template seems to be proving rather popular among bloggers on my blogroll. Take a look at:

Bill's Comments

It Makes a Difference to the Sheep

Verbum Ipsum

Luckily, these bloggers are all male, so there'll be no estrogen-fueled grumbling about Fiona and Jacqueline wearing the same dress to the party.



Lorianne said...

I think that template is particularly popular with folks who write long-ish posts and thus want a clean white background against which text stands out clearly.

Hmmmm, *your* template also has a clean white background...

Kevin Kim said...

Dr. Larsen writes long posts?

That reminds me-- it's time for a long post about SOMEthing or other. I need to do an original one, instead of reposting old stuff.