Friday, September 02, 2005

today's trip to the dentist

It went something like this:

In all seriousness, today's trip to the dentist was a disappointment. No surgery. They took a quick X-ray of my mouth, determined that my wisdom tooth needed to be pushed away from the neighboring tooth before extraction would be possible, and installed a rubber band around the tooth to begin pushing it away from its nearest neighbor. Unfortunately, the rubber band doesn't feel like it's going to stay in place, which means I might have some trouble come Tuesday, when I go back to the clinic for what I hope will be The Real Thing.

I should also note that Dr. Lee's office is very nice, and everyone there is a professional. For those of you who are easily spooked by the prospect of a visit chez le dentiste, I apologize if this blog post gave you the willies.


Once again, thanks go out to Sperwer for driving me to the clinic.

UPDATE: Aw, sheeyot. The rubber band fell out on its own. Looks like Tuesday might be a rubber band re-installation day. Francis Ford Crapola.


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