Saturday, September 03, 2005

dinner at Kevin's place

The Sunday dinner I'm hoping to make for my buddy and his wife after I get paid around mid-September:

Your choice or recommendation.

Prosciutto ham and fresh vegetables (cucumber, alfalfa, shredded carrots) on pita bread wedges, underlaid with dill cream sauce.

Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo-- a bed of fettucine noodles topped with rich, creamy alfredo sauce, plus shrimp cooked in a butter/garlic/parsley sauce.

Italian garlic butter bread.

In good European style, served after the main course. Quasi-Mediterranean salad made of tomatoes, three-cheese mixture, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, boiled (and chilled) sweet potato, and home-made Italian dressing.

Plate of seasonal fruit + ice cream topped with special sauce and accompanied by Korean butter wafer.

Cappuccino or sweetened black tea.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the wine I'd recommend, you can't get here, or at least, I've not found it in Seoul. It's this slightly fruity Italian wine, Alghieri, yes, from a company owned by people claiming to be descendants of the author of The Comedy (you know, what we call "Divine Comedy" these days). There's red and white, actually, and the white (which I guess would go better with Alfredo, wouldn't it?) is a bit drier but still vaguely fruity and almost as lovely. It was a good mid-range wine in Montreal.

But I'm sure you can find something alright up there in Seoul.

Anonymous said...

Added to the List of Things I Must Do Before I Die: Find a way to get invited to dinner by Kevin.

Kevin Kim said...

Gord: One of the reasons why I left the beverage options open is that I don't drink and don't know jack shit about alcohol.

Charles: Say the word, man; you and the missus are welcome to come over. Give me a week's notice, and make sure you catch me right after payday (the 15th of the month) and before I've sent most of my cash home for debt relief.