Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mom-jjang adjumma

Charles at Liminality takes us on a linguistico-cultural exploration of adjummas and the rise of the mom-jjang adjumma-- essentially, the Korean MILF. Be sure to click the link in his article to see just what a Korean MILF looks like (no, she isn't naked, but there's little left to the imagination... and she looks like she could beat the shit out of you, sorta like Jennifer Lopez in "Enough," but without the huge ass).

Here's another link if you're still MILF-hungry.



Anonymous said...

I had to peruse quite a lot of photos to get just the right one to complement my entry. I think I spent a good thirty minutes on the task. It was grueling, I tell you, but I kept reminding myself that it was for the readers. And somehow I made it through.

Milf said...