Saturday, September 24, 2005

Julie in her own words

"Found poetry" is a style of poetry in which you make a poem by cobbling together bits of prose found elsewhere. If anyone were to ask whether you'd written any given line of the poem, you'd be forced to say no, but the Gestalt would be yours. What follows, then, is found poetry using words from Julie's wonderful blog, Persephone's Synaptic Misfire. Why? Because it's her birfday, that's why. Happy Birfday, Jules.

Holy cats
I'm getting a minivan
i just want
stupid redneck kids

When I feel like taking a walk
until I go broke or stir-crazy
I really like
using towels as cat litter

all the third-graders pet
a small, naked Dalai Lama
something I miss doing when I'm working

we don't keep sugar in the house
what makes him snort like that

clap one paw
say "hello"
go real slow
see who does Uma Thurman's hair
and break out the bourbon before noon

When i feel like a brownie
i remember
pug farts

I did pretty well today
did some laundry
breathed some
didn't turn blue

an Unusual Child
goes through Max's nose and into his lungs
she eats what we eat
It was almost like having
the ghost of Jerry Orbach
for Show and Tell

New doctor this morning
he got my veins to bleed
after I'd been out and around
took a scope to my jugulars
his Buddhaness
makes me feel like a bomb

Snow crab legs. Yummmm.
Death and hurricanes.
Now, where's my helmet?

... woot!


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impletqueen said...

that is the best birthday present i've gotten today, bar none.