Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ho-tep invades Smoo

There were five of us watching "Bubba Ho-tep" this evening-- only three from my conversation class, plus two guests: a colleague of mine and the friend of one of my students. I'm not sure what the students thought of the film; they were polite enough at the end, but the movie might have dragged for them (it's a fairly slow-paced flick). We watched it with English subtitles turned on to aid comprehension, but I was still the only one to laugh at the major jokes (my colleague, an Aussie, wasn't up on the LBJ references). At the very least, everyone enjoyed the dinner I'd prepared-- seafood spaghetti (forgot to get the fettuccine, so I had to make do with regular old sghetti), garlic bread, and a decent salad. No fusion pita appetizer this time around, but there're some leftovers to tide me over for a day or so.

Earlier today, the freshman girls made sure to tell me that they'd left me a message on a chalkboard. I went into Room 304 and saw (in pink chalk, no less):


--surrounded by hearts, no less.

And thus was the blackness in my soul lessened a degree. In all, not a bad day today.


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