Sunday, September 11, 2005

a meal in pictures

Unfortunately, the following series of pics doesn't include the shrimp fettucine alfredo, but that's OK since I wasn't satisfied with the alfredo sauce, which came out tasting a bit sour. In the meantime, here's what we've got:

Chaos. The above pic is from around 2:30PM, after a final trip to Lotte Mart.

Another shot of the goods, above.

Are you what you eat? The bowl has apples, Korean pears, bananas, and peaches.

Above: the completed salad. I decided to do all the peripheral dishes first.

Bo-hyun commandeering my kitchen. Ah-- there's the alfredo sauce, on the left burner. The shrimp are also visible in two bowls on the cutting board. Bo-hyun learned how to make Kevin-style garlic butter today. The result of her efforts is also sitting on the cutting board, in a small bowl.

The appetizers, all laid out at table.

Jang-woong pretends he's hungry. I think he really wanted Korean food, because he spent a lot of time complaining that I'd made too much. True-- I did. But I plan to eat the food over several days, as well as share with colleagues. The bigger sin would have been to make too little, don't you think?

God is your copilot? Cool. He's also my cameraman.

The mini-banana split, featuring a lychee fruit instead of a maraschino cherry, which I couldn't find in time. I tried both the ice cream and the alcohol section of Lotte Mart-- no dice. The ice cream was enjoyed in solitude; Jang-woong and Bo-hyun declared themselves too full to eat more than a bite or two of fruit, though they were kind enough to take some food home with them. The ice cream was also melting; as I said, my freezer is worthless.



Anonymous said...


I've been following your foodblogging since I started reading your blog and I must say, you're quite the versatile cook for a guy, and a single one at that. Where did you learn to cook like that? Is this all from experience or do you use cookbooks? Either way, I'm impressed and think you're going to make some gal a great hubby one of these days.

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, man. Whenever you're in town, look me up and we'll do a meal. I had a colleague over today (Monday, 9/12/05) and she enjoyed the leftovers immensely.