Saturday, September 10, 2005

this gonna be enough for three people?

UPDATE: Dill sauce made. Winged it. Success. Block of cream cheese. Snotful of mayonnaise. Spoonful of fresh ground garlic and fresh ground parsley. A mess of dill sprinkled liberally over the whole thing. Mix with a fork. Purty damn good. The parsley I bought wasn't exactly top-flight, but I think it'll work well when I'm cooking the shrimp tomorrow.

Yeah, baby.

Some stuff not pictured:

fettucine pasta (hiding in cabinet since last week)

Italian bread (gonna buy it fresh tomorrow)

seasonal fruit for dessert (probably apples, maybe some oranges)

ice cream (will also be bought tomorrow; I have a tiny, worthless freezer)

special ice cream sauce (nothing like the "special sauce" mentioned in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle") and Korean butter wafers

Also not pictured:

The mass of shit I had to buy to make this a dinner with some dignity:

proper plates
proper forks
proper cloth napkins
proper knives (surprisingly hard to find at Lotte Mart; had to go elsewhere)
wine glasses (guests are bringing the wine)

...and a decent saucepan, which I've been needing to buy, anyway. A must for the alfredo sauce, which can't afford to end up burned.

Things I'm still missing:

A decent CD player and good classical and jazz CDs to give us a little ambience. (Maybe later, when I'm rich.)

More photos tomorrow. In the meantime, meditate on how the phrase "putting on the dog" gains new meaning in Korea. You hungry? Me, too.



Jelly said...

Mmmmm. I think you're going to end up with too much food though, I look forward to the blog about it. No worries, you'll have leftovers! Mmmmm mmmm! I hope your dinner kicks ass and your guests enjoy it. I can't believe you couldn't buy knives at Lottle Mart!

BTW, my co-workers keep trying to invite themselves over for dinner, and I'd like them to come. I'm a good cook, but the problem is I have only 2 burners to cook with, and not nearly enough plates and bowls (unless they don't mind eating out of the cat's dishes.)

Kevin Kim said...

I've got only two burners as well, so I feel your pain.