Friday, April 26, 2019

already halfway through

I'm already through Episode 5 of "Cobra Kai," Season 2. Just five more episodes to go. So far, the season seems to be upholding the standards set by Season 1. The plot has unfolded in an enjoyable way, and I'm curious to see how the season will finish up. That's a mark of good screenwriting, but credit also has to go to the actors and to the rest of the crew who are making this series happen. Martin Kove, who returns as mean old Sensei Kreese, seems to be something like a Satan-figure this season, a whispering tempter, yet not exactly: there are moments when we almost sympathize with him because, despite his bluster, he's really more of a broken old man than anything else. I'll be curious to see how his pathology evolves over the rest of this season and in the upcoming seasons.

Expect a Season 2 review once I'm done binge-watching.

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