Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Ami Horowitz on racial segregation

I've blogged about this before: the weird confluence of certain leftists and certain extreme-right individuals who agree that having two separate-but-equal black and white communities is the way to go. On US campuses, you've got black students lobbying to create black-only safe spaces, to host black-only graduation ceremonies, and to separate themselves from the majority-white student body in an effort to promote black flourishing.

Ami Horowitz (who did excellent work reporting from Sweden about that country's massive immigration problem) visits Columbia University to ask students there about what they think about a return to separate-but-equal living:

None of the kids in the video seem aware of the irony of their stance. Meanwhile, as you saw if you watched the video, Horowitz stepped off the campus grounds to ask local African Americans their thoughts on separate-but-equal life. The interviewees' responses were, reassuringly, both sane and aware of history.

Moral: college fucks you up. Don't attend. Don't waste your money. Go to a trade school. You'll earn more money with your trade, and you won't turn into an asshole.

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