Monday, April 29, 2019

this kid

Full respect to this brainy kid for his principles, his clarity, his video-making skills, and his charm. I might just have to subscribe to his channel.

And good for him, putting the blame for city squalor squarely on the shoulders of Democrat management. Pretty much every shitty major city in the US has been Democrat-run for decades and decades. Real shame about Portland and Seattle, though; I liked those cities a lot when I walked through them in 2008. Hell, I stayed in Portland for two weeks.

By the way, I'm quietly putting together a list of black conservatives and/or #Walkaway/#Blexit folks. If there's one racist lie I'd like to do my part to combat, it's that black folks somehow all belong on the liberal/Democrat plantation. And while I'm at it, I'd love to see Candace Owens run for president in 2024.*

*Owens is 29 now, so she might not be eligible for a 2024 run. True, she's not a politician, but with a brain like hers, I think she'd be quick on her feet.

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